krassol | Creating FEELINGS on krassol
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Creating FEELINGS on krassol

Efficient and responsible system implementation is the key for successful enterprise delivery with competent supervision and consistent coordination at all phases of implementation.

System Design & Planning
  • Clear understanding of strategic business goals
  • Full commitment by the Top Management
  • Thorough user requirement study with by-stages implementation
  • Detailed process analysis and design documented with the system flow chart by individual system module and functions
Excellent Project Management & Implementation
  • Organizational change mindset and management embedded with the desired system execution
  • Great implementation team with mutual understandings and momentum
  • Hardware and software installation with data accuracy
  • Conference room pilot test and pre go-live checklist
Adaptive System Usages & Integration
  • Extensive education and training with user guide
  • Usage and SOP customisation with focused performance measures
  • Integration with existing third party software