Right People

It is a daunting challenge to overcome organizational politics and resistance to change, therefore here are some keys to effective software implementation.

Change Management towards Business Growth


Top Management Support

  • successful change lies in the leadership team
  • to set politics aside and collaborate, agree and commit to the change process
  • consistent force backing at every level, the entire workforce is driven toward a single, common goal of accepting and adapting to the new system

Project Team

  • cross-functional team members dedicated to managing the institution of change
  • ensure implementation is with good timeline control, not forgotten and continuously offer assistance to the software system vendor

Comprehensive Participation

  • engage staff within the whole life cycle of implementation to keep them in the loop and responsive
  • with authority comes a sense of ownership in a system, hence lessen resistance


Effective Communication

  • meaningful and effective communication should be practiced before, during and after any software implementation
  • nurture understanding of the project’s goals among management and staff
  • the more extensive the understanding, the more willing they are to change