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Experience value for money with the wide array of krassol value-added features, upgrades, customization and integration available

Present in all sub-modules, users are able to utilize notes to freely input data in text form and attach files to attachments for future references. Contents can be in unlimited format, subject to company policies or data space allowed.

With common issues such as unauthorized access or false data replacement, krassol audit trail provides simplicity and speed of search with trust and analytical power to this purpose without affecting daily business operations.

Knowledge Management

  • empower the users to explore and find answers as they arise
  • self-service information access and sharing with moderate-to-high amounts of interactivity
  • able to input any attachment to access data from multiple sources, and then drill, slice, and create calculations
  • handles authorized access providing right data sharing


Customer Web Portal (external) and Engineer Web Portal (internal) – for Drivers, Technicians, etc.

  • connection to managing your customers, affiliates or colleagues
  • convenience of external and/or internal communication ensures networking within the company, with other customers, and allowing access to shared resources and documents at anywhere and anytime
  • supports customer loyalty program such as reward point system with a centralized redemption and billing system
  • payment gateways and e-commerce sites are integrated for quick access with user-defined features while handling through with authorized access


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we aim from your perspective to form your business strategies’ driving growth

Kehzen Tech assist and ensure customers’ best usages of its complete solution / software systems. Our experienced Client Management Team gained years of professional practice in guiding and assisting customers on how to effectively implement the use of best practice.

Effectivenessand efficiency both are the keys for right installation, customisation based on future usages together with thorough training and continuous system usage sharing by individual Account Managers and Implementation Consultants shall definitely result in significant implementations and satisfied users. The project duration is reduced and thus the return on investment is also well enhanced and managed.

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