krassol Call Centre and Helpdesk

26 Nov krassol Call Centre and Helpdesk

Better customer service comes with increased communication. We bring all your customer conversations into one place and ease the handling through of each customer request. Transparency of case handling as well as time management for all agents will be keep track via a simplified dashboard.

The krassol Call Centre and Helpdesk advantages:

  • Streamline, integrate and automate business processes.
  • Deliver more predictable call management and upkeep service level.
  • Enable escalation to and from various departments and make it accessible, in real time, across the enterprise regardless of location.
  • Serve your customer with 24/7 support by enabling customer web portal for self-ticketing and FAQ centre for knowledge base.
  • Enjoy a 360⁰ view of your customer information for quick access to their behavioural pattern preferences for proactive conversations.
  • Operate from one resource centre, enabling sharing of genuine information.

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