krassol Rubber and Plastics

26 Nov krassol Rubber and Plastics

The rubber and plastics manufacturers produce a wide variety of products with a high volatility of raw material prices. The main challenge of a complete ERP software for this industry will be the demanding standards for the immense variety of products, shorter lead times, order accuracy, quality assured items and competitive prices.

The krassol Rubber and Plastics advantages:

  • Real-time production monitoring system with a fully web-based system in place. Data is automatically tracked from production lines and linked to production schedules and inventory instantly.
  • Wastage and balance consumption of raw materials are tracked and further managed for full capacity usages.
  • Equipped with multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) for use with raw material, tool and equipment.
  • Inventory module takes the role of tracking and managing inventory with shelf life. Once the shelf life has expired, automatic notifications are sent out.