krassol Property and Building Management

26 Nov krassol Property and Building Management

Integrate data from multiple channels and customize your solution to meet your specific needs. The system allows you to integrate data from multiple sources and create intelligent, highly functional analysis to allow better decision-making. Thus, reveal new opportunities to improve efficiency and maximize asset value. With enhanced production efficiency and quality, this will in turn reduce the cost of maintenance and operations, improve safety, and easily expand or modify your system when needed.

The krassol Property and Building Management advantages:

  • Complete management system for commercial buildings, homes, or any other building management project.
  • Real time and historical trends, as well as real time charts for predictive analysis and optimization.
  • Manage and organize your assets, with timely maintenance and depreciation schedule.
  • Enable escalation to and from various departments and make it accessible, in real time, across the organization regardless of geological location.
  • Integrate to multiple sources for quick consolidation of data and managing through.
  • Streamline, integrate and automate business processes