krassol Timber and Wood

26 Nov krassol Timber and Wood

krassol Timber and Wood is developed for sawmill owners and experts of sawmill business. A customized solution to handle the demanding needs for immense complexity of wood measurements, moisture content, tedious details for wood bundling and documentation for export.

The krassol Timber and Wood advantages:

  • Capable of on-screen quoting, sending work orders and granting approvals, while making sure production and batch tracking is available.
  • Quick access to system for live updates and document generation for a smooth order-to-delivery process with automated notifications.
  • Our log procurement and inventory management system tracks standing timber inventories and streamlines the purchase or sale of logs, at the same time tracking costs and payments to loggers and haulers.
  • Enable detailed analysis of realized profits by calculating sales value vs actual cost, tracking down to the actual delivery vs order batch.

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