krassol Non-Profit Organizations

26 Nov krassol Non-Profit Organizations

Our web-based solution helps non-profit organizations manage, streamline, and automate fundraising and/or membership needs, ensuring user access from anytime and anywhere. It offers an affordable option to track and manage all fundraising needs like maintaining donor relationships, event planning, and more. By collecting all incoming information in one location, the system allows users to easily communicate with volunteers and members. The system has an easy-to-use interface that can quickly create mass email campaigns to members and public.

The krassol Non-Profit Organizations advantages:

  • Keep track of fundraising or donation events with prompt status updates.
  • Membership and loyalty program to ensure members’ interest are kept while managing events and programs for a cause.
  • Enable escalation to and from various departments and make it accessible, in real time, across the organization regardless of geological location.
  • Quickly gather and filter databases to ensure mass announcements get to the right people.
  • An integrated system with access from PCs, tablets and phones for all walks of life.

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