krassol Machinery and Equipment

26 Nov krassol Machinery and Equipment

Our module allows you to consider material, labor and sub-contracting costs, and apply margins to determine the selling price. Plan, track, and cost inventory items by customer and/or project – a capability especially important to Industrial Equipment & Machinery manufacturers. Once a project budget is set, actual labor, material, and other charges are tracked in real-time. Up-to-date project actual vs. project budget are just a click away.

The krassol Machinery and Equipment advantages:

  • Define cost elements for purchased material, subcontract material and labor.
  • Support multi-currency where Sales Orders can be priced in the Customer’s currency creating accounting transactions in your home currency.
  • Define items that are subcontracted where component parts are sent to vendors for outside operators for final assembly.
  • Equips you with an ad-hoc control system to manage BOM and routing changes.
  • Implement a centralized planning, monitoring and management process suited for multiple plants.