krassol Forwarding and Logistics

26 Nov krassol Forwarding and Logistics

Critical information of leads and contacts with different stages helps key account managers to know which deals close first and follow up based on preference. Allows you to keep a view of each transaction, not losing track on carrier schedule, booking operations, shipping documents, payment statuses and alliances/partnership management. Detailed monthly and yearly analysis reports can be generated while a simple dashboard enables a helicopter view of your entire business on daily basis.

The krassol Forwarding and Logistics advantages:

  • Quick access to client’s 360⁰ view of information.
  • Prompt status updates of each process, accessible by all departments.
  • Enable escalation to and from various departments, in real time, across the enterprise regardless of location or region.
  • Deliver more predictable service performance and business outcomes.
  • Reporting made easy with daily, monthly and yearly analysis – making performance evaluation a simple task.

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