krassol Professional Services

26 Nov krassol Professional Services

Building relationships and retaining them are key in consulting businesses. Our CRM modules allow you to get proactive in managing your client relationships, from keeping track of client contact details through to a more sophisticated system that manages your sales prospects and records all interactions, while further managing through the handling of client requests. An all-in-one solution to manage all aspects of your management consulting practice with a single, integrated system.

The krassol Professional Services advantages:

  • Keep track of your consultant’s time against clients, projects and tasks.
  • Set forecasts and get insight into a better customer experience.
  • Keep your projects on track with an elaborate project management tools
  • Notifications and alerts ensure project timeline is followed.
  • Enable escalation to and from various departments and make it accessible, in real time, across the enterprise regardless of location.
  • Generate reports at anytime, anywhere to see how projects are progressing and identify emerging issues.
  • Eliminate the complexities of fragmented solutions with a single integrated solution.

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